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The unit of the measurement of total amount of visible light by a lamp

Comparing the incandescent lamp to LED lamp which has higher efficacy

The unit of the illumination is

Which of the below values has the warmest color

Comparing the incandescent lamp to the low pressure sodium which has higher CRI

A luminaire will be used under water in a swimming pool, which of the below IP shall be considered.

A luminaire shall be used in a room with false ceiling, which luminaire can be chosen

Which of the following lamps works based on the black body radiation theory

Calculate the required number of luminaire considering the following:


Room is office with required lux=300


Consider utilization factor=0.6& maintenance factor=0.8


Room dimensions are 10m length & 5m width


Luminous flux of one luminaire=3000 lumen & its dimensions are 0.6 x 0.6m.


E (Lux) =

Uniformity is ratio between which of the illumination (E) values

Luminaire is having CCT = 6000 K, the color of the light can be:

Considering the below Lighting control scheme noting that L= live conductor, N=Neutral conductor & LP=Lighting Panel. What is the type of the control switch used

Considering the below Lighting control scheme noting that L1 & L2 represent different circuits. Is the below connection correct?

What is the average work plane height in office in meters

Considering the below Lighting control scheme, will the lamp turned ON & OFF using the switch

Considering the below Lighting Control scheme, is the below connection right?

What is the type of the emergency lighting luminaire that is always OFF and switched ON only in case of power failure

What is the minimum lighting level required for egress as per NFPA 101 Code?

What is the unit of Luminance

Which of the following factors can’t be considered for determining the maintenance factor of the street lighting luminaire?

Does the road coating (Asphalt) type affect the street lighting calcualtions?

What is the maximum slope angle that can be considered for street lighting Pole?

Which of the following factors are not considered while making the street lighting calculations

Philips luminaire: SP532P LED 36S/940 PSD PI5 SM2. What is the CRI of the luminaire

Lighting load circuit =11A, choose the appropriate CB & Wire from the known standard values noting the following:


Wire 2 mm2 withstands 13A


Wire 2.5mm2 withstands 18A


Wire 3 mm2 withstands 23A

Circuit breaker rating is:

Wire (Cross Sectional Area) CSA is:

Slope angle IS Write the number that matches each of the below definitions for the street lighting pole

Which type of the following circuit breakers are used for the final lighting & Power circuits in the final distribution boards

Considering the below tripping curve for the circuit breaker, what is the disconnection time of the 3000 Amps fault compared to 4000 Amps fault?

Ir = 100 A

Im = 1,000 A

Icu = 10,000 A

What is the use of RCD in the electrical networks

Which of the following cable insulation withstands higher temperature

Which of the following cable conductor has higher resistance

What is the reason for used stranded conductor instead of solid conductor

What is the color of the earthing conductor

Compared to cables, the space required by busway is

MCCB is 125AT/160AF, what is the response of the MCCB while the current passes equal to 130 A?

The diversity factor is a factor that depends on the regulation however, the commonly used factor is

A generator is going to supply 5 motors (starting together) each of 10 KW (PF=0.8) (DOL), what is the rating, noting that the maximum generator loading is 80%?

Which of the following factors are not considered in generator sizing?

Calculate the required PFC unit to reach 0.8 P.F for the following load:

P = 80 KW

P.F = 0.4

Q = 183 KVAR

S = 200 KVA

The simplest and cheapest starting method for motor which is used for small maotors

VD1 % is:

Considering the below connection, calculate V.D1 & V.D2% noting the following:

K(mv/amp/m) for 10 mm2 = 3.1

K(mv/amp/m) for 16 mm2 =1.988

PF = 0.85

VD2 % is:

Considering the below scheme, Which is higher Is.c1 or Is.c2?

Considering the below scheme, calculate the approximate SC level on the transformer

Based on the below scheme, what is the used earthing system

Based on your knowledge, what is the required resistance for earthing network for power systems?

Which of the following factors don’t affect earthing system design?

Based on BS EN 62305, the Lightning protection system required for sky scraper in an area with very high lightning ground flash density, the expected LPL (Lightning Protection Level) required is?

The rolling sphere diameter for LPL IV is